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Save valuable prep time, download ready to go, engaging and interactive lessons and resources


Swyft Resources are expert educators who provide UK curriculum resources made by teachers for teachers.

Our team is comprised solely of experienced teachers, who fully understand the demands of a classroom and what it takes to produce and deliver excellent lessons.
Each of our published resources has been carefully curated, based upon what we know works in the classroom and fosters a true love of learning.

4.5/5 star- rating based on over 720 teacher reviews 

Over 390,000 downloads,
across 50 countries

600+ free or inexpensive
resources to aid planning

High quality, engaging,
differentiated resources

Key Stage 3

Lessons & resources for years 7, 8 and 9 suitable for children aged 11 - 14

Key Stage 4

Lessons & resources for years 10 and 11 suitable for pupils
aged 14 - 16 

Key Stage 5

Lessons & resources for 

sixth form or college students suitable for ages 16 - 18

Find educational resources for your subject

We ensure all our teaching resources meet UK standards

As a one stop shop, Swyft Resources offers teachers a place to find well reviewed, high quality, differentiated resources designed for students from KS3 to KS5, which meet the requirements for UK exam boards.


Download & Save £'s with


Expertly curated bundles of lessons for key stages 3, 4 & 5

"This is a very good resource!
I don't normally purchase resources, but this was worth it."
"Excellent, especially when short on time, contains all resources inside the single powerpoint file."
"Really rate your resources, they save me so
much time!"
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